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Paint and filler sprayer Mark V

Värvi-ja pahtliprits Mark V

Paint and filler sprayer Mark V is a leader among the paint sprayers. It is designed for painting and filling any large surfaces and volumes. Mark V is applicable for ready-made fillers and all types of paint.

Technical data:

Voltage (V):                                 220
Max. working pressure (bars):    230
Max. flow capacity (l/min):          5.7
Max. nozzle with 1 gun:           0.039
Max. nozzle with 2 guns:         0.028
Motor power (НР)                      1.65
Weight (kg):                                 59


Filler bunker (90 liters) can be additionally purchased for this machine.

Bunker is easy attachable without any tools.

Detailed info about this unit: Paint and filler sprayer Mark V

Technical drawings: here

Värvi-ja pahtliprits Mark V

Sprayed materials:

  • Laquers
  • Oil Based Coatings
  • Enamels
  • Latex
  • Acrylics
  • Intumescents
  • Ready-made fillers