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Paint sprayer Graco UltraMax 695

Värviprits Graco UltraMax 695

Paint sprayer

Paint sprayer Graco UltraMax 695 is a machine to paint the medium- and large-sized surfaces. Two guns can be attached to this machine.

Technical data:

Voltage (V):                                 220
Max. working pressure (bars):    230
Max. flow capacity (l/min):          3.0
Max. nozzle with 1 gun:           0.029
Max. nozzle with 2 guns:         0.017
Motor power (НР)                        1.3
Weight (kg):                                 43


This machine is equipped with the ‘Auto Clean’, which makes cleaning sufficiently easier: just set a timer on the machine after the work and it will clean itself up automatically. Motor without brushes to prolong the machine’s life time and to increase its working realibility.

Detailed info about this unit: Paint sprayer UltraMax 695

Technical drawings: here