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Filling unit Graco T-max 657

Pahtliprits Graco T-max 657

New filling unit Graco Т-Мax 657 is the most powerful one in this series. It is designed for a large-scaled work.

This unit does not require a compressor for any ready-made mixtures, yet in case a powder or a texture filler is used then a compressor should be applied.

Technical data:

Voltage (V):                                          220

Max. working pressure (bars):               65

Max. flow capacity (l/min):                    7.2

Bunker volume (l)                                   90

Max. hose length:                                  30

Max. nozzle:                                         661

Weight (kg):                                           66



Т-Мax 657 may work with a hose that is twice as long as by the other units from this series, while its bunker is much bigger. This is the biggest and the most powerfull unit from this series, and it’s major advantage is its working voltage of 220 V.

Detailed info about this unit: Filling unit T-Max 657

Technical drawings: here

Gun technical drawings: here

Pahtliprits Graco T-max 657