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Mortar-spraying pump Maltech Plaster-Jet

Krohviprits Maltech PlasterJetPlaster-Jet is a multifunctional pump, which is designed to carry out filling and plastering works both internally and externally.

It is designed to carry out works on sites with large and very large surfaces and volumes. It sprays mortars with a maximal grain fraction up to 6 mm.

Additionally an automated mixer can be purchased for this equipment.


Technical data:

Capacity (l/min):                                    10-40

Max. hose length (m):                            40

Working voltage (V):                             400

Motor power (kW):                                 7.5

Compressor capacity (l/min):                  400


Unit dimensions:

  • Length 2200 mm
  • Width 650 mm
  • Height 730 mm
  • Weight 330 kg
  • Bunker volume: 102 l



Mortar-spraying pump is easy to handle and has high capacity and power.

Hose length is 40 m.

All Maltech mortar-spraying pumps are provided with their own compressors, hoses, guns and nozzles.

Detailed info about this unit: Mortar-spraying pump Maltech PlasterJet

Sprayed material (with the grain fraction up to 6 mm):

  • Plaster for interior works (lime-cement and gypsum);
  • Frontal mortars.

Krohviprits Maltech PlasterJet