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Screw Compressor 5.9 m3/h, 8 bar

Comprag A-Series compressors are oil-lubricated screw compressors designed for consistent and economical air production in industries and factories. The device has a compact and logical structure and uses high-quality components.


  • Thanks to the flawless design of the main parts of the compressor, the internal air loss is very minimal, resulting in significant savings in total energy consumption.
  • Thanks to an efficient oil separation system, the maximum residual oil content in the compressed air is 3mg/m3.
  • For maintenance, all filters and separators in the compressor are easily accessible.

Comprag A-Series compressors are developed to offer an optimal balance between performance and energy-saving solutions and provide larger maintenance intervals to reduce your running costs.

Comprag A-Series compressors are the most capable in this field.